Best Review Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

Best Review Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

Smart, powerful, high-performance Robot vacuum. Great for homes with pets. While you do other things, Neato BotVac vacuums dirt, crumbs, dust bunnies, and pet hair from all floor types and every corner of your home. D-shape with corner clever – exclusive d-shape with corner clever technology destroys dirt where it hides and keeps corners clean. Extra large bag less dirtying and Jumbo high performance filter capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, like mold and pet dander. Perfect for all floor types and pet hair pick-up.

Neato Botvac D80

High Performance Robot Vacuum–Ideal for Homes with Pets

Uses patented LaserSmart technology with laser floor mapping and real-time object detection to map the room, plan and methodically clean—instead of just bumping around.

Includes both the spiral blade brush (works great on all floors) and the combo brush (picks up all types of hair and is quieter too).

Advanced SpinFlow Power Clean system picks up more of the stuff that lands on the floor—like dirt, crumbs, dust bunnies, and pet hair.

D-shape design and CornerClever technology get to where dirt hides—in corners and along walls.

Moves from room to room, automatically returns to charge base, recharges, and resumes where it left off.

Extra-large, bagless dirt bin holds more than round robot vacuums and is easier to empty.

In the event of any issues or questions with your new robot, please call Neato Robotic Support Team directly. We will make every effort to deliver a 5-star Neato experience.

In the Box

  • Robot Vacuum Installed
  • High Performance Filter
  • Combo Brush
  • Side Brush
  • Integrated Charge Base
  • Power Cord
  • Spiral Blade Brush
  • 1 Extra High Performance Filter
  • Cleaning Tool, and Boundary Markers


‘Sees’ Your Room and Maps Most Efficient Cleaning Path

Patented LaserSmart mapping and navigation technology sets Botvac D80 on a course to clean carefully, instead of merely moving around. It scans the room, senses objects in real-time, and determines the most efficient path.

SpinFlow System Picks Up More of What Lands On The Floor

Combines powerful vacuum suction and precision brushes to leave floors immaculately clean. Botvac D80 effortlessly picks up stuff like dirt, crumbs, dust bunnies, and pet hair. And with its D-Shape design and CornerClever technology, Neato gets to where dirt hides-in corners and along walls.

Returns to Charge Base As Needed

When Botvac D80 runs low on power, it automatically goes to the charge base. When it’s powered up, it returns to where it left off and finishes the job.

Does The Work For You

Simply push start or automatically schedule cleanings. Botvac D80 automatically vacuums multiple rooms on its own, effortlessly transitioning from room to room and from one floor surface to another.

Extra-Large Bagless Dirt Bin

Its extra-large, bag-less 0.7-liter dirt bin holds more dust and dirt than round vacuums and is easy to empty. Simply lift the bin out of the top of the robot and dump the contents into the trash. There’s less mess than with smaller bins that slide out from the side or underneath the robot.

Easy-to-Schedule Automatic Cleaning

Use the easy Auto-Schedule display screen and controls to set up a schedule that works for you. When you want a quick spot-clean or a thorough multi-room clean that isn’t scheduled, just push start.

Maneuvers Around Furniture and Obstacles

As Botvac D80 scans the room, it senses objects in its path, like furniture and toys, and carefully navigates around them. It even detects and avoids stairs. Simple drop down, easy-to-use boundary markers keep it away from places you don’t want it to go.

Cleans Where Others Can’t

Hugs walls and gets under furniture where dust bunnies hide. With its unique D-shape design and 50% larger brush than round robots, Botvac D80 cleans within 10 millimeters of the wall. Plus, its low profile allows it to clean under beds and in other hard-to-reach places where dust bunnies collect.

Maximum Hair Pick Up

Human or pet hair, Neato doesn’t discriminate.

Maximum Hair Pick Up

Smartest, Most Powerful Robot

Comes with Spiral Blade Brush,

Easy to Empty Dirt Bin

Battery Maintenance

By following a few simple rules, you can extend the life of your robot’s batteries. How you take care of the batteries – and how much you use them – affect their longevity. Here are some tips to optimize your battery:

  • Charge your robot overnight before using it for the first time.
  • Keep Neato on its charge base when not in use – out of sunlight and heat, and on a flat surface.
  • Store Neato with the batteries disconnected, or turned off if you will be on vacation or away for a longer period.
  • Charge Neato as soon as possible after discharging the batteries.
  • Keep Neato’s brushes clean.
  • Recalibrate your batteries.

Always use Neato Genuine Accessories

Please ensure that your replacement batteries, filters, brushes and any other components are Genuine Neato Accessories.

Accessories made by third parties may damage your robot or cause performance issues, and will also void your product warranty.

Getting the most out of your Neato robot.

Charge your robot overnight before using it for the first time.

We recommend that you use your Neato frequently to keep it happy and healthy, and you get cleaner floors!

Between cleaning cycles, keep your Neato charging on its charge base.

Maintain your Neato for peak performance by:

  • Emptying your dirt bin after every cleaning.
  • Tapping your filter against a garbage can to remove excess debris.
  • Cleaning your Neato brush after every run to keep the brush debris-free and running smoothly. If debris gathers, don’t worry. It’s easy to pop the brush out, clean, and put back in robot.
  • Cleaning debris from the side brush.

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