ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Titanium Gray Review

ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Titanium Gray Review


Deeper clean on carpet 

Our original V3s V5s robots introduced people to its extraordinary cleaning ability on hard wood floor, While new A4 makes cleaning on carpet an easy pleasure.

3-Step Cleaning System

1000pa vacuum suction picks up dirt and dust easily, rotating blade brushes does efficiently cleaning on carpet, sides brushes gets dust free even in the corner, wall edges.3-step cleaning system provides a thorough and concentrated clean.

Most Powerful Battery

4 chip 2600mah battery with fade free technology brings 110-120 minutes working time after one full charge, also ensures a lasting battery life.

Tangle Free sensors

Equipped with a full suit of sensors, ILIFE A4 freely goes under the narrow place(beds, sofa, kickstands),Easily cross between the chairs legs with no hassle.

Package contents: robot vacuum x1,User manual x1,remote control x1,extra hepa filter x1,extra sides brush x1,cleaning brush x1,AC adapter x1, Charging dock x1


Founded in 2007, ILIFE has been developing on robotic vacuum cleaners for nearly a decade.
With a strong R&D team, ILIFE independently develop products from ID design, hardware, and software to mechanical housing, now ILIFE possesses numerous patented technologies in robotic vacuum industry, serving as one of china’s leading enterprises for robotic vacuum from R&D support to manufacturing capability.
All products are assured to be high quality control passed, and with international FCC CE ROSH Certificate, environmentally in harmony with your home.
In ILIFE, the top priority is product quality as well as user experience, and we are always devoted to continuous improvement.
Our vision is to bring each innovation into daily life, free people from onerous house chores, and give people more free time to enjoy a life of leisure.

A big step than ever

  • Activate “MAX” mode for enhanced powerful cleaning on dust traffic area .
  • Advanced motor brings less working noise and a durable life for the robot.
  • Bristle brush does efficiency clean on carpet and picks up debris easily.
  • High performance li-ion battery cells provide a long working time.

Intelligence enhanced

  • Automatically docks and recharges, and is always ready to clean
  • Infrared sensor equipped in the front wheel avoids getting stuck.
  • A full suit of cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs.
  • Presetting the working time for vacuum, keep up with every day mess.

Important tips

To keep peak performance and avoid clogge or noise. please regularly clean the connectors and motion link of the bristle brush.
please do regular cleaning in front wheel housing.Take off the wheel with screwdriver, removed dust or debris in the wheel cavity, clean any hair wrapped around the axle.
Empty dust box and clean HEPA filter bristle brush after each use.
Replace a new HEPA filter every month.

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